Hello children. I am giving you a task to complete today. I have attached a picture in the post. you have to describe the picture in your words, Write atleast 8 sentences about the picture.

Be as creative as you can :)

These are from my recent work for Highlights' Eagle Eye Hidden Picture magazine  starting Heidi and Zeke. Typically there are stories that accompany each illustration.

hi everybody my name is Atharv I am 9 years old and I like to play soccer,sing,dance and play computer games

Hello and welcome kids. I can see Keenston is blooming with lovely colourful flowers . I wish all the kids a happy learning and interacting. Good luck :)

Hello Atharv! My students are going to introduce themselves to you! They are of the same age as you and they are very nice guys. Would you like to make friends with them? 

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Hello friends. So its exciting to bring my child to this channel and i am sure he will learn and be creative with his vocabulary under your guidance. He will be answering to Megan's questions as well :)

There is a where they can interact and have fun together. I request you all to help them with your ideas. Thank you