Who We Are
  • Each Keenstonite is first of all an individual. We are not the groups we culturally or socially belong to.
  • Our backgrounds and cultural inheritance may enrich our personalities, but they do not define us.
  • When discussing something, we are interested in what each of us brings to the table.
  • We never strive to reach a consensus: we’re keen on learning new points of view!
Our Team

Alexander (Sasha), CEO

Sasha has experience working in different roles in technological companies in Russia and the USA. Sasha loves technology and at the same time he is a big fan of history, philosophy and sociology. Sasha believes that the ability to think critically and understand different perspectives is the key to a meaningful and peaceful life.

Marina (Marishka), Content Manager

Marina is a translator/interpreter with a master’s degree in linguistics. Marina enjoys writing and solving challenging translational tasks, especially when it comes to literary translation. Marina enjoys working with words and finds deep satisfaction in seeing every little piece of a particular text settle in it’s rightful place.

Yuri, Marketing

Yuri is a school teacher and he deeply cares about his students' future. He wants them to grow up independent and self-aware. He believes that there's a problem in the educational system: too much indoctrination. He uses unconventional teaching methods and connects his students with people from different parts of the world.

Katerina, Designer & Moderator

Katerina is a professional interpreter and translator with a master’s degree in linguistics. Katerina has a lot of experience in technical translation and interpretation. Another true passion of hers is art. Katerina creates beautiful portraits and illustrations with a unique style that she has developed over the years. She is a proof that being interested in tech and being creative are not two mutually exclusive inclinations.