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My name is Sasha and I’ve sat in a lot of classes in my life! After high school, I spent six years earning my first degree (5 years at a Russian University and 1 year as an exchange student at an American college) then I took a break and worked in Moscow eventually deciding to spend another 2 years to earn my Master’s degree in the US. I’ve spent 18 years on formal education and certainly I’ve learned a ton. However, I’ve also realized that there are many flaws in the conventional educational system. Very often, education is conflated with indoctrination and educators mold a person into another conforming worker rather than into an independent, unique, inquisitive and creative thinker. This


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Added a comment to Yes.  

We need  EGE, because it's a big possible.Many students studying because exams. It's an effective method to get knowledge. Motivation. Result EGE helps to measure how much we have learned.


Added a comment to No.  

Hey, everyone! From what I can see here, you are not exactly against the unified exam itself, you are more against its level of difficulty or the stress that goes with it.

But don’t you think it is good that it allows students from all over the country to compare their knowledge and have equal opportunities when entering the university? It’s only up to you whether you are up for the challenge and how well you study.

Exams of the past were not any less difficult than the EGE, only you had to travel to every university you considered as your option, just to see if you can pass them. And that was a lot more stressful than what you’re offered today.

The problem is that the EGE has been painted as some kind of a “bogeyman” for far too long - and, more often than not, kids are thinking about how to cheat on the exams than how to study better.

Added a comment to Yes.  

Hi, Arina!

I think you are right. This exam gives kids from every part of Russia equal opportunities when it comes to entering even the most prestigious universities.

Before the EGE, all kids had to visit every university they wished to enter to pass particular exams. And this took a lot of time, money and energy. But today, you just need to pass the unified exams and send your applications anywhere you want.

Hi, Urs!

Of course, I agree with you about many things you stated. Of course, there are rules you “should” follow and take other people’s interests into consideration. Rules, laws, morality exist for a reason. But this doesn’t change the fact that everything is relative (which is my point here, in this debate). 

You should not steal because you shouldn’t do other people wrong. But (!) if you steal someone’s money and then buy yourself, say, the newest iPhone - this is your “good” (provided you are not punished and don’t have any regrets after the fact). But it is someone else’s “bad”. Even the most horrendous crimes can be someone’s “good”, even if they’re against the whole humanity. “Good” and “bad” are relative constructs, that’s what I’m saying. I’m not arguing you should or shouldn’t do something just because it feels “good”, that’s beside the point. All I’m saying, everything is relative and depends on one’s perspective.

Added a comment to No.  

Yes, Bato! I agree that the exams should be closer to life. I hope that the assignment writers will consider student opinions and make the exams more practical.   

Added a comment to No.  

Hello Lera! Thank you! I agree that our exams are not practical. As for changing the tasks, they have to be different every year but they should be as close to the school program as possible.