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To be consistent with our goal to promote enlightenment, critical thinking and art, we have changed all the reactions to comments, posts and other pieces of content. Now we have the following signs: 

Light bulb: to react to something that enlightened you

Refresh: to react to something that changed your view

Question mark: to react to something that you think needs more evidence

Disagree sign: to react to something you respectfully disagree with

Brush & Pencil sign: to react to some piece of art that you find truly beautiful 

Our users are not pursuing likes, they are trying to challenge their views, enlighten other people and seek wisdom!

Added a comment to Jerry is bad 

I agree Tanya , Tom must do his job, this is why his owners probably took him into their house!

Added a comment to Jerry is bad 

Hi ayazavr , what's your personal opinion about Jerry? :)

Added a comment to Jerry is bad 

Hi kisyusha  , do you think that all rats are bad?

Added a comment to Jerry is bad 

Does "Tom attacks first" in the examples in this video? 


Even if Tom attacks first physically, he usually does so after some of Jerry's mischiefs

We'll, Tom might be not the most decent cat out there, he might be bad and insecure. One even can argue that he is a bad cat. But here we're trying to argue that Jerry is good regardless of who Tom is. It definitely can be that both Tom and Jerry are bad or both good. Jerry being good doesn't necessarily entail Tom being bad and vice versa.

I don't think that your argument about Jerry's nature is valid. Using the same logic one can argue that it is in the nature of kleptomaniacs to steal and therefore they have to be allowed to steal. Hence, Jerry is immoral, he parasitizes on Tom's owners instead of pursuing a less parasitic but more challenging existence like being a dampster rat where he can feed on what's been already thrown out.

No matter how mean Tom's owners are, Jerry is still the culprit for them, not Tom. They basically pay Tom to get rid of culprits like Jerry. Whether Tom is efficient at his job or whether he wreaks too much havoc by doing his job is a separate question and it doesn't absolve Jerry of his sins. 

Another nasty thing about Jerry is that he knows that Tom is insecure and he preys upon Tom's weaknesses while definitely enjoying the process.


Wow. I’m glad I was able to convince you 🥳

I changed my mind about Jerry being bad. I guess he´s only trying to survive.  Marishka´s arguments convinced me..