We’re keen on building a community where every opinion matters. We care deeply about creativity, enlightenment and culture. We use English to connect with people from all over the world. We are always keen on meeting new Keenstonites! Come and settle on one of the Streets!
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Why you should settle in Keenston

1. If you're a creative person or want to become one - you can find useful tips, find collaborators internationally and promote your creative endeavors. We believe everyone is born creative: modern society simply makes us lose our natural curiosity as we grow up.

2. If you understand that there's something wrong with education and that in most cases it is rather indoctrination. Here, you can share your educational experiences and learn new practices from like-minded people.

3. If you want to practice conversational English. In Keenston, you can find interesting people to talk to, take tests and help expand our knowledge base.

Or you could be in 2 or all 3 above categories!