What is Keenston?
Keenston is a platform where you can debate, share content and discuss various topics using English language.
We truly care about enlightenment and we want to promote critical thinking. 
You can earn points by either getting reactions to your content from other users or giving reactions to other users' content. Thus you can track your progress of how much useful stuff you have learned (things that changed your view or things that you disagreed with and etc.) and how you have impacted others (how many times your content triggered reactions from other users). More on points here
What's the best way to live in Keenston?
Keenston is a group-based website. You can follow or unfollow individuals but you can't befriend or unfriend them. All content (except for Debates) generated by users ends up in groups (addresses). You need to create your own address and invite guests or follow/join other addresses in the Guilds to be active in Keenston. You can share content with your guests or use your address as a learning management system (LMS) by setting up classes and giving assignments.  
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You can create public debates or you can place debates into addresses. Debates are a great way to develop critical thinking skills. First you need to create a debate and then add two opinions to the debate.
There are two kinds of debates:
1. Open Debates - everybody can vote and comment under opinions.
2. Team Debates - users who are not the team members can vote for opinions, while selective members (opinion defenders) can comment under both opinions. The debate organizer appoints members to defend a certain opinion. 
The debate organizer can stop the debate closing the ability to vote and comment under the opinions and opening the post-debate discussion. 
You can use classes as a tool to give assignments to your apprentices. First create a module and then add classes into that module. You can track who has completed the assignments. 
You can use Quizzes to test your address guests by using multiple-choice questions. Create a new quizz and add it to an address.
Terms in Glossary
You can create your knowledge base by adding terms to Glossary in an address.
Every time somebody creates a post, leaves a comment with a unique hashtag or adds a hashtag to his or her group/event description a channel is automatically created for that hashtag. You can create and follow any channels you like based on your tastes or interests. 
1. Click on the messenger icon in the upper right corner.
2. You can chat directly with individuals, invite several people to chat or follow up on conversations that you started or took part in “shout boxes” that are located in all events and addresses.
3. You can start a video call only from your computer's browser or your Keenston app.  When you launch video calls for the first time, allow your browser to access your computer’s microphone and camera.
4. However, you can receive calls not only on your app or web browser but also on your smartphone or tablet web browser. You’ll have to install Jitsi Meet from App Store or from Play Market on your smartphone or tablet.