Terms of Service
Terms of Service

Town laws and regulations

Keenston is a place that brings together people who are keen on making the world a better place by promoting critical thinking. You can settle in the town and create as many addresses as you like. You are the owner in your house but remember that Keenston is a town and every town has its laws. The following laws and regulations help Keenstonites have a safe and rewarding experience.

Your home is your castle

Invite guests to your addresses. You are free to speak your opinion but keep in mind that not everyone will share it. Insults and hateful comments are tolerated neither from the host, nor from the guests. You can show any of your guests out if you find their comments insulting or disrespectful.

Home is where the heart is

Be Nice, respect fellow Keenstonites. Engage your neighbors, guests and hosts in meaningful discussions. Create a positive environment to help everyone around feel like home. Keenstonites come from different backgrounds, so keep that in mind and be tactful to your fellow townies.

Don't curse a blue streak

Freedom of speech means a lot to Keenstonites. However, freedom of speech should not be conflated with hate speech. You can express yourself freely but remember that we are all different and that these differences must be respected. It is impossible to make everyone share your beliefs, views and opinions. If you are unable to find common ground with someone, it is better to leave it at that and agree to disagree. Consensus is not the end goal here, sharing opinions is what matters.

Prohibited usage

The following is prohibited from using on Keenston.com:

  • Spam and Unsolicited Emails: We have a zero tolerance policy on spam.
  • Unauthorized Access to Other Computers or Networks: Any act which interferes with the services of another user or network. Any act relating to the circumvention of security measures.
  • Illegal or Harmful Activities such as: phishing, obtaining personal information illegally, harassment, harmful content, any type of pornography.
  • Content harmful to minors.
  • Hateful or discriminatory activity based on race, sex, religion, nationality, ethnicity, marital status, disability, sexual orientation or age.

Rules for debates

We stand for civil discourse and any Ad Hominem attack in the debates will not be tolerated. 

We also stand against "trolling". For example, misusing reactions in order to make fun of somebody will not be accepted. We are here to get enlightened, respectfully disagree and challenge our views. 

To foster complete transparency, all the cases of removed content from users who violated the rules will be posted here with explanations as to why a commentary has been removed or why a user has been blocked. The user names will be concealed.  

Let's make Keenston a town to be proud of!