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The fifth post!

Today I want to talk a little about and a lot about the .

All countries have their anthems and Russia has too.

You know that the 20th century was like a boiling cauldron of Russian History. Russia survived two revolutions, one putsch, changed 3 forms of government: was a monarchy, the first communist country, and a democratic government. A lot of changes, and our anthems were also changing.

But I will talk not only about the 20th century.

The first Russian anthem appeared in the year 1791. In that year the Empress Katherine the II Great, Mother of the Fatherland. In that year the Russian Empire won the 7th Russian-Turkish war. Poland got the first Constitution. Crimea fully became a part of Russia. So, the name of our first anthem is "Thunder of victory, be heard!". It was not an official anthem, but it was the first one. The first anthem lasted from 1791 to 1816.

The second is the anthem of the Russian Empire that appeared in the year 1817. That year the Russian Empire began a systematic attack on the regions of Chechnya and Dagestan. The name of the second anthem is "The Russian's prayer". It was also the unofficial anthem that was existing from 1817 to 1833.

The third is the anthem of the Russian Empire that started in the year 1833. That year in spring the Russian Empire introduces three military squadrons to the Bosphorus to support Turkey during its war with rebellious Egypt, and concludes an eternal peace treaty. (After that treaty we had 8 wars with Turkey). Alexander Puskin wrote the poem "The Bronze Horseman". December 18 - For the first time a new anthem of Russia is publicly performed - “God save the Tsar!”, that anthem is the first official national anthem of the Russian Empire. (listed from 1833 to 1917).

The fourth is the anthem of the Russian Republic that was the song "Preobrazhensky march". The year 1917 was full of different events. In February the last Russian Tsar(Emperor) Nicolas II abdicated in favor of his brother but he denied. So, the great Russian monarchy was ended. From February to October, the Provisional Government ruled Russia. But in October 25th Bolsheviks led by Vladimir Lenin overthrew the Provisional Government. Thus began the Russian Civil War (1917-1922) after which the era of communism and socialism came. In 1917 year Bolsheviks changed the anthem to the Working Marseillaise that was the fifth anthem in the Russian history.

The sixth is the national anthem of the RSFSR (1918-1922) that was a song "International", after the formation of the Soviet Union (1922), it became the anthem of the USSR (1922-1944).

The seventh is the national anthem of the USSR(1944-1991). On May 9th of 1944 Soviet Army freed Sevastopol(the Capital of Crimea). On June 22 by the Decree of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR, the Gold Medal “For Excellent Success in Learning, Labor and for Exemplary Behavior” was approved, which was awarded to distinguished graduates of a secondary school. June 28 - In the Auschwitz concentration camp, a record number of people were killed in one day in the entire history of the camp - 24 thousand people, mostly Hungarian Jews. 31 July - the territory of the RSFSR was completely cleared of German troops. The new national anthem of the USSR sounded on the night of January 1, 1944.

The eighth is the national anthem of the RSFSR and the Russian Federation "The patriotic song" that listed from 1990 to 2000. On June 12, the First Congress of People's Deputies of the RSFSR adopted the Declaration of Russian Sovereignty.

The ninth is the national anthem of the Russian Federation(2000 - today). In the year 2000, Vladimir Putin became the president of the Russian Federation. He rules from 2000 to the present. With the end of the 20th century, Russia has entered a new era, the era of the reign of Vladimir Putin, the era of great stability.

The Republic of Buryatia also has the national anthem in Russian and Buryat languages. The anthem was accepted in 1995. The basis of the anthem is “Song of the Homeland”, verses - Damba Zhalsaraev. The Buryat ASSR declared its sovereignty in 1990 and adopted the name Republic of Buryatia in 1992. However, it remained an autonomous republic within the Russian Federation. On 11 July 1995 Buryatia signed a power-sharing agreement with the federal government, granting it autonomy. This agreement would be abolished on 15 February 2002.

The national anthems of Russia:

1. The thunder of victory, be heard! - the first anthem of the Russian Empire(1787-1791)

2. Russian's prayer - the second anthem of the Russian Empire(1791-1833)

3. The national anthem of the Russian Empire - the first official anthem of the Russian Empire(1833-1917)

4. The Preobrazhensky march - the national anthem of post-monarchy Russia(1917)

5. The Working Marseillaise - the national anthem of Socialistic Russia(1917)

6. The International - the national anthem of USSR (1918-1944)

7. The national anthem of the Soviet Union - the national anthem of USSR(1944-1991)

8. The Patriotic song - the national anthem of RSFSR and Russian Federation(1990-2000)

9. The national anthem of Russia - the national anthem of the Russian Federation(2000-today)

10. The national anthem of the Buryat Republic is the last one.

You can also see the flags of Russia:

1. The flag of the Russian Empire

2. The flag of the USSR

3. The flag of the Russian Federation

4. The flag of the Buryat Republic