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Steelman (steel man) - the opposite of "strawman"  - is a stronger version of an argument. When one opponent makes an argument, the other opponent tries his or her best to summarize and fortify the argument so that the argument's points are crystal clear to both opponents. After that, he or she refutes the argument. Despite being difficult this approach is extremely efficient at dismantling an argument. It allows to fully understand the position of the argument's author and come up with solid counter-arguments to refute the author's point.



To be consistent with our goal to promote enlightenment, critical thinking and learning, we have changed all the reactions to comments, posts and other pieces of content. Now we have the following signs: 

Light bulb: to react to something that enlightened you

Refresh: to react to something that changed your view

Question mark: to react to something that you think needs more evidence

Disagree sign: to react to something you respectfully disagree with

Our users are not pursuing likes, they are trying to challenge their views, enlighten other people and seek wisdom!

Causal Fallacy is a logical fallacy in which a person presents an incorrect cause. 

Stan: I think one of the reasons why my project is failing is that I started it in the summer. Everytime I start doing something serious in the summer I end up failing.

Mary: I don't think that this fact had any impact on the outcome. There's a number of objective factors that contributed to the outcome.

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Video example: 

Tu Quoque Fallacy (Appeal to hypocrisyis a type of Ad Hominem fallacy in which a person tries to discredit the opponent by claiming that the opponent doesn't act according to the argument's conclusion.

Stan: Well, Mary, you were working on your project for two years and it was clear after one year that it wasn't working out. And now you are trying to convince me to quit so early.

Mary: I agree that I made a mistake and quit much later than I could have. But it doesn't mean that you have to follow my example.

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Video example: 

Circular Argument is a logical fallacy in which a person basically makes the same point in both sides of the argument.

Stan: Dan's business is awesome and successful, because Dan is such a successful businessman.

Mary: Not sure how this is relevant but you are making the same point twice... 


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Hasty Generalization is a logical fallacy in which a person draws a conclusion without providing sufficient data to support it.

Stan: My friend Dan was experiencing serious problems with a project similar to mine but he survived so I should also keep on trying with my project.

Mary: Your friend Dan's case is not representative of the whole population who had similar projects. He succeeded but it doesn't mean that all other people have succeeded. 

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Video example: 

Sunk Costs Fallacy is a logical fallacy in which someone argues that something has to continue (project, business etc.) despite being fruitless and unpromising only because a lot of resources has already been used to maintain the project. 

Stan: I have spent so much time, resources and money on my project, I just can't give it up.. Even though it's not working out now, I have to try more and the adoption rate will rebound. All these efforts don't have to be in vain.

Mary: I understand that you feel bitter and you don't want to give up your project. But the fact that you have spent much on the project doesn't have to define what you're going to do next. You clearly didn't find a product-market fit, even though you have a nice product. It's time to move on, scrap the project and start something new benefiting from the experience from your previous project.

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