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I hope the week has been good for you, My name’s Evylinda. I was born and raised in the Philippines. I worked over sixteen years for the Philippines Dept. of Education. Nine years ago, I moved to the US to join my children and found it difficult to adjust to a new environment. Speaking with native English speakers wasn’t easy. I was too anxious that my native accent, which is Tagalog would flow as I speak, then people would be laughing at me. There were instances when my sentences trailed off while speaking, to the point that people couldn’t understand what I was trying to say. Making friends is easy in the community where I live and most of them speak English as their second language, so I need to speak English everyday. It’s good to be exposed in an English speaking environment. I would love to have the opportunity to make new friends, learn about their cultures and brush up my speaking skills with those who are eager and looking for ways to learn and improve their English communications skills. Here’s looking forward to hearing from you.☺️

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