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Will, to be going to

P.20. Make up 3 sentences with "Will" and 3 sentences with "I am going to" (affirmative, negative and interrogative). 

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    • 1) I'll do my homework.

      Will I do my homework?

      I'm not doing my homework.

      2) I'm going to write biology.

      Am I going to write biology?

      I'm not going to write biology. 

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      • Thank you, Aryuna! That's OK!

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      • I'm going to sleep

        will i sleep

        I'm about to get out of bed

        will i get up


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        • Thank you, Ayur. Please do all the requirements of the homework. 

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        •      I will do my homework. 

               Wil I do my homework? 

               I'm won't do my homework. 


               I'm going to visit London.

               Am i going to visit London?

               I'm not going to visit London.



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          • Thank you, Selmeg! In the third sentence, you don't have to use 'm'', Just 'I won't do my homework"/ 

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          • I'm going to visit North Korea.

            Am i going to visit North Korea?

            I don't going visit North Korea.


            I'm going to school.

            Am I going to school?

            I don't going to school.

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            • Thank you, Oyuna. Your negative sentences are incorrect. You should write "I AM NOT going to visit..."

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            • I will play computer game 

              Will I play computer game 

              I won't play computer game

              Am I going to watch TV

              I'm going to watch TV

              I'm not going to watch TV



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