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We Feel, We Heal, We Care because everyone deserves to be pain-free...

Geared towards quality and clinical excellence, FitWell is the Best Physical Therapy Clinic in Kharadi, Pune. FitWell  Health Clinic provides effective, evidence-based treatments along with the most advanced therapies and techniques.

FitWell Physiotherapist helps you with all kinds of injuries including back pain, neck pain, muscle strains, ligament sprains and tendon pains and we’re great with post-op rehabilitation, Neuro-Rehabilitation, pediatric and geriatric Rehab and Women’s Health. Through our holistic approach, we will tailor our treatments to your individual goals and specific requirements, working with you to optimize your recovery and prevent a recurrence.

FitWell also provides psychological counseling as and when needed as a part of our treatment plan.

Our Team is specialized in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of Physical and Mental Health of all age groups. We work in coordination at our Physiotherapy Clinics in two locations Keshav Nagar, Pune and Kharadi, Pune.

We also provide Home Care Services to our clients who can’t reach our center.

I invite everyone to discuss about their health issues and needs freely or in my personal messenger. I have helped many clients from the remote areas through video calls, who were unable to reach me physically, and they are highly satisfied with the advice given. 

So be open and free with your Therapist because your Health matters a lot :)

Dr. Richa Purohit 

(Physical Therapist)


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My Proffessional Background 

I obtained my Bachelor and Master of Physiotherapy (Neurology) from Bhopal, M.P, India.

  I have worked in renowned Neuro-Rehabilitation centers, Hospitals and as a Lecturer in Physiotherapy colleges. During my education, I was always involved in research work and contributed in a well approved Physiotherapy Book Publication ( Goel’s Physiotherapy in Orthopedic & Neurology, part 1 and 2) under the guidance of senior Physiotherapist and ex H.O.D. , C.I.M.S, Dr. R.N. Goel.

Looking at the intense disabilities of neurological conditions and the impact of Physiotherapy on the recovery, I develop an immense interest in working with neurological population of all age groups. 

I enjoy the challenge of determining the underlying cause of an injury and helping my clients not only return to full function but to also help develop strategies to remain injury-free. I use manual therapy (joint mobilization, soft tissue techniques) and exercises prescription alongside posture and ergonomic advice and a good understanding of human biomechanics in my treatment sessions.

I have a caring nature towards clients and I pushes myself to bring the best out of them. I am an avid learner and use new techniques for my clients betterment.

In my free time, Richa likes to have a family gathering. Painting and crafting are my hobbies. I enjoy outdoor and adventure sports. :)