Basic State Exam (OGE)

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Basic State Exam (OGE)

Dear Rob, 

Thank you for your letter. I was glad to hear from you again. I saw some questions in your letter, so I'll try to answer them.

Computer means nothing to me. I use my phone more often than computer. I have a bad relationship with the computer. Yes, I find much time to play games on my phone. My favourite is Genshin Impact, it's kind of roleplay and adventure. I can play it for hours. Games don't really help me in study. They only help me with saving money.

I think I answered your questions. How's the argument with your mom going? Hope to hear from you soon.

All the best,


Thank you, Saryuna! I like reading your letters. I thing it would have been better if you had written 'for your waiting' because Simon was waiting, not you. Good luck!

Very good, Tanya! . Please remember rules of message writing and don't use capital letters where it is not necessary. 

Thank you, Saryuna! This is a very nice letter! If you use 'ing' forms (avoiding, holding) you should start with 'introducing'. 

Thank you, Ayana! It will be nice if you use the rules of message writing. 

Dear Simon,

Thank you for your letter. I was so happy when I received your letter. You asked interesting questions so I will answer them.

No, I've never tried extreme sports or any of my friends. Maybe I would have tried, but I'm too scared. Even despite the fear, I would really like to jump from a great height to feel a strong fear. Because it will be a different fear – a fear that I have never experienced before. My parents don't care about such activities, as long as people don't die.

I'm sorry for waiting so long for an answer, I've been playing games on my phone for days and nights. How much did such entertainment cost? Was it beautiful there?

I have to go now, games are waiting for me! 

With love,


Thank you for the letter, I was glad to receive it.
You asked me some questions in your letter, and now I will answer them.
I live in Kyren. It's a small village, but it has so much trash.....
WE have magnificent nature of forests, fields, rivers. I love to walk in the woods.
But we have huge piles of garbage everywhere. It spoils everything. As it turned out we have dirty air. And I don't know how to solve this problem. WE JUST NEED TO TAKE CARE OF NATURE.
In the end, we will all die in drought and in garbage dumps.
Sorry, I have to go to bed late.
I'm waiting for your answer.


Dear Mr Zverev,

Thank you for your letter, it was nice to hear from you. I have read your questions and now I will try to answer.

Most of all in my hometown I like nature, there is a beautiful view of the mountains. There is a lot of water pollution in Kyren and people throw garbage everywhere. Because of this homeless animals eat garbage and carry it further around the village. My suggestions for less pollution: introduce fines for throwing garbage, avoiding the use of plastic bags and holding more clean-up days.

By the way, is there a lot of scattered garbage on your street? What do you think about people who don't care about the environment? 

Well, I must finish now, I still have to sit with my nephews.

Best wishes,


If possible, walk or ride a bike. Give up a car for short - distance trips-this is a great way to improve the environmental situation. If you don't have so far to go and the weather is good , walk not only help to stop environmental pollution, but also get a useful physical activity . Bus or subway rides will help reduce carbon emissions because you won't be using a private car. If public transport functions perfectly where you live, use it . This will allow you to take your mind off the road and read or just relax

1.l like nature, but l would like more

2.There is a kind off pollution that is garbage, garbage on every turn

3.Reduction of household and industrial waste. This is especially acute for plastic dishes. It is gradually being replaced with a paper one. Studies are being conducted to remove bacteria that feed on plastic



Added a class  to  , Basic State Exam (OGE)

You have recieved an email message from your teacher Mr Zverev

...Now I am busy with an environment progect. The title is "My ideas against pollution". I interview my colleagues about the ways of saving our planet. 

...What do you like most about your hometown? What types of pollution do you have in Kyren? What are your ideas about solving the environmental problems? 

Write a message to me and answer my 3 questions.

Write 100-120 words.

Remember the rules of letter writing.