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Make up 9 sentences with new words on pages 22-23.

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1) the borders of Russia and the USA are 5 km apart

2) China borders Mongolia

3) a chain of gold is very expensive

4) the largest coast is in Canada

5) the Angara flows into the Red Sea

6) a very magnificent man

7) the largest plain in Russia is East European

8) the Black Sea stretches for many countries

9) very beautiful valley

1)It is impossible to breathe in space

2) The common language of countries around the world is English

3) My sister hid in the closet when we were playing hide and seek

4) Included all the ingredients in the dish

5) Eighty-five regions, including ours, are part of Russia

6) Nasty insect

7) The soil of the planet earth has different layers

8) The genus of people appeared many years ago

9) To support the economy of the burden of the country

9 I can support 

7 my field has fertile soil

6 butterfly is the most beautiful insect

5 turn on the light, the chandelier starts flashing

4 I want to turn on the series

3 my dog ​​likes to hide toys

2 my girlfriend and I have a common interest

1 fish can't breathe without water












Устный перевод


1. Fish can't breathe on land 

2.I have a normal day with my parents 

3.I hide my phone ☎️ from my nephew 

4.i like to turn on the light 

5.i love my family and including the dog there 

6.i'm afraid of insects 

7.we have good soil in our garden 

8.I don't like single gender 

9 .I support my friends 

Hello, Ochir! Please be attentive to articles 'a' and 'the'.

Hello, Zhenya! I am happy that you are with us on Keenston!

Ok, Dasha! I am happy that you are back to Keenston! 

Hello, Yana. Thank you so much for you work. You should write: "My sister SWITCH On the light - not "include". 

Hello, Nomina! Thank you very much for your homework!