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Make up 9 sentences with new words on pages 22-23.

African staus - the largest of modern birds

The ostrich has a dense physique, a long neck and an extensive flattened head. The beak is straight and flat, with a horny "claw" on the mandible, rather soft. The eyes are large, with thick eyelashes.

Hello, Dasha! Thank you for your sentences. I hope you will remember the new words. 

Thank you, Lera! Very nice sentences, as usual. 

Thank you, Alex! It is a good job, as usual. 

Good job, Vica! I am happy that you are with us on Keenston. 

Nightingale is a small songbird. It can be found in the forest, dense thickets and parks of Europe and Asia.

Nightingale can reach 5.9 to 6.5 inches in length. Females are slightly smaller than males.

Nightingale is an omnivore. Its diet is based on the fruit,seeds and insects. Nightingale is migratory bird. It spends winter in dry savannas of sub-Saharan Africa.

1) He started brwathing again.

2) This thing has become common.

3) When there was fog, I hide in it.

4) I decied not include on the kettle.

5) He was looking for everyonee, including me.

6) The insect began to run away.

7) This soil not ssuitable for planting.

8) This species is different from others.

9) He supported her in a difficult moment.



1. It was hard to breathe in the frosty air.

2. Common language and culture unite people into one nation.

3. All three wore hoods to hide their faces.

4. The price of dinner includes dessert.

5. We were six including our  host.

6. Tom drove to the store and bought  three cans of  insect spray.

7. The soil here is very poor.

8. They are both of one species.

9. We need to support our teachers.

1)It's fish can breathe without water.

2)We have a lot in common.

3)Hi's hiding out here somewhere.

4)Training is included in the price.

5)There are a lot of hugs in this forest.

6)There are many planets on soil.

7)There are hundreds of plant species in this field.

8)They always support me .