Comment to 'Was Darwin's theory of evolution correct and humans evolved from apes?'
  • Hi Urs, 

    Thanks again for so many interesting insights! 

    Checked the Russian translation of Genesis 1:28 and it also basically says "subdue the Earth" (наполняйте землю, и обладайте ею).. 

    Who knows, perhaps if the Bible had been translated properly, people would've been a little less zealous in subduing the Earth :D

    I wonder what's going to be the sense making mechanism in the decades and centuries ahead since the religious mechanisms (at least in the Christian world) are gradually dissipating.. Is it going to be consumerism and constant pleasure seeking, politics or maybe a new religion? Or who knows, maybe Christianity will come back. At least in Russia it seems like religion is getting slowly back to some layers of society. Very interesting how it will pan out. 

    If you could participate/create your own debates, I'd be super happy! Whatever you feel like is worth doing, please do:) I'd only kindly ask that you write your thoughts under one of the opinions, presented in the debate, like in this example  Or maybe under both opinions if you like - some  thought on the "pros" and some on the "cons".  That would be wonderful! So that then other users could respond to certain theses. If the debate is public, debate visitors can vote for a certain opinion based on what they've learned from reading different theses.  

    Let me create a couple of debates on over-population and climate change:) we could start from that

    Thanks a lot! 


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