11 "b" group 1

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11 "b" group 1
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Are you for or against using smartphones at school? 

 1)  My mom is a big fan of opera singers.

2) In the fall of 2021, my class and I went to Arshan to watch performances by the Baikal Theater. It was great, I especially remember the chic dances of graceful girls.

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Being rich and famous is awesome and it makes life better. 

Hello, Katya! Thank you! That is a good answer. One note: you have to use a predicate in each part of a complex sentence. was so delighted, and still remember my admiration. It is better to say "so delighted" instead of "very delighted". 

I don't have the most experience of attending cultural events, but each of them made a big impression on me. For example, two years ago I was at a New Year's concert in Ulan-Ude. It was amazing! Aerialists flew in the air performing various tricks, I was very delighted and still remember my admiration.

Hello Lyuba! Thank you so much for your homework!

1) It seems to me that my teacher Olga Petrovna Amosova's class, fits this description. She is a teacher of the Russian language and literature, and therefore treats art with trepidation, and especially literature.

2) Last October, my class and I went to a concert of the Baikal Theater in Arshan. I liked the singing of the artists and the dancing.



Thank you, Zorigma. I hope to watch a performance of that amazing theater once again. 

1) Beligma is an arty type 

2) In October, my class and I went to Arshan for a concert the Baikal theater. The concert was very interesting the dancers had beautiful costumes. Their dancing was very amazing. It's a pity that the concert lasted about an hour. 

Hello Zorigma. Thank you. That's OK.