11 "b" group 2

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11 "b" group 2
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Kyren, Russia

December 22 2021

 Dear Nancy,

I was happy with you letter.

Thank you for asking about my studies, I have something to tell. Studying in the 11th class is very difficult.

I don't have time to do anything, I'm overwhelmed with studies... I am not doing well, because I'm burned out.

After school, I'm going to aplly for a lawyer to work at FBK. I will finish from  school in 2022. 

By the way, I want to ask, What name did you give your dog?How old is she/he?

How often do you walk her/him? I think you and your dog are inseparable!

Sorry, I need to go, I will write you later.

With love, Lera <3

Kyren, Russia

October 26, 2021

Dear Ronnie,

I'm glad you liked my story about September 1 at my school!))
Unfortunately, I didn't know that Maria Sharapova was a businesswoman, but now thanks to you I know.
I am delighted that she participates in charity because such actions are simply priceless.
I met celebrities when we went with the class to the concert of the "Baikal" theater. I really liked their performance, they danced beautifully, most of all I remember the Swan dance, it is amazing, and there were also artists who sang incredibly beautifully. After the concert, I even took a picture with one of the dancers who I really liked - this is Sabir Tyupkeev.
I also really want to meet the guys from Melon Music, I think in the future I will attend their concert. They have cool tracks, especially og buda. I would love to take his autograph and then maybe turn it into a tattoo.
Waiting for your letter! Good luck!
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A letter about celebrities to meet with. Ex.1, p. 18

1)When I looked at my watch, I realized that I was late to feed the dog.

2)When I looked at my watch, I realized that I had forgotten to eat.

3)When I looked at my watch, I realized that I was doing my homework until late.

4)When I looked at my watch, I realized that the bell would ring in 5 minutes.

1)Tom was upset because he forgot his textbook.

2)Tom was upset because he was late for class.

3)Tom was upset because he made a mistake.

4)Tom was upset because he had to go to the dentist in an hour.

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Student Book. Ex. 10. Complete each sentence with 4 types of Past Tenses. Use the ideas of your own. 

1)Yes i would rather go to the zoo

2)Yes i would rather watch a good movie

3)Yes i would rather run

4)Yes i would rather do something good

5) Yes i would rather read a book about development

6)Yes i would rather do my homework