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My name is Sasha and I’ve sat in a lot of classes in my life! After high school, I spent six years earning my first degree (5 years at a Russian University and 1 year as an exchange student at an American college) then I took a break and worked in Moscow eventually deciding to spend another 2 years to earn my Master’s degree in the US. I’ve spent 18 years on formal education and certainly I’ve learned a ton. However, I’ve also realized that there are many flaws in the conventional educational system. Very often, education is conflated with indoctrination and educators mold a person into another conforming worker rather than into an independent, unique, inquisitive and creative thinker. This


To be consistent with our goal to promote enlightenment, critical thinking and art, we have changed all the reactions to comments, posts and other pieces of content. Now we have the following signs: 

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Our users are not pursuing likes, they are trying to challenge their views, enlighten other people and seek wisdom!

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Hi Ekatherina
Beautiful picture - how did you come across it and who has painted it?
By the way: could you tell me how one can upload a picture on this website?
Many thanks!

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It is crucial that we reach herd immunity as fast as possible. To do that - we should accelerate vaccination. Yes, vaccines can lead to side effects and very very rarely to serious illness or death, but statistically these risks are super insignificant. People can die from asphyxiating in a motorcycle helmet while riding a motorcycle because the helmet vents got clogged up, but the chances of it happening are next to zero, so people are still better off wearing a helmet, because it can protect riders in an accident, which is far more likely to occur than "helmet asphyxiation". The same logic applies to vaccines.  

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No vaccine is yet thoroughly tested. The risks it carries might be much greater than the benefits it promises. The fact is, no one can know for sure - as there simply hasn't been enough time to examine long-term consequences. Who knows, maybe there are completely safe and effective vaccines. Either way, everyone has to weigh the risks and make this decision for themselves. It should not be obligatory.

Hi, Urs :)

I don't have official statistics, but I think it is safe to say that there are more drivers among men than women in my city (and in my country in general). Just like in Switzerland, this gap seems to have become less prominent here, but it still exists. I'd say driving used to be considered more of a "manly" activity in Russia, but as years go by, this stereotype continues to grow weaker. 

Reading you is like reading encyclopedia Urs! 

Truly enlightening material.. Learning a lot from you!

I believe that Napoleon was megalomaniac but he was a genius at the same time. He had such a strong personality that he still inspires lots of people. 

He definitely was a product of the French Revolution. Had the revolution not been so tumultuous, it would've been much harder for Napoleon to rise to power, I believe.. So his rise to power could've been prevented. 

There's always a question as to what begets the rise of historical personalities: the circumstances they are in or their charisma and personal strength. I think for Napoleon it was both.. He used the situation to his advantage and masterfully grasped the power. Sadly or fortunately, opinions here differ, he had never enough and it lead to the demise of his empire..