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The venue where we receive and submit our homework assignments and also where we engage in debates and discussions. 

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Mysticism is distinguished by real, which includes clairvoyance, fortune-telling, partly astrology; and active, which includes animal magnetism, magic, theurgy, necromancy, magic, spiritualism and mediumism. I don't really face such things, because I try not to pay attention to it, because if I pay attention, I'll be very scared. One day, when I was at home alone, suddenly something fell to the floor and I thought there were all sorts of ghosts in the house and because of this I was scared and hid in a blanket .  I've been waiting for my mother's arrival for a very long time and when she came, I was glad to see her because I thought I would hide under the blanket

Buryat is the national language of Buryat. One of the two, along with Russian, state languages of the Republic of Buryatia. Not all Buryats speak their native language, but they still understand. Some just don't talk because there's no accent like Buryats. I don't know Buryat so well, but I still know how to speak and understand it. I believe that every nation should know their native language.

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A free soul or spirit is a person who has achieved a certain degree of maturity and emotional stability, based on confidence and independence

Good evening! I would like to tell you about the Buryat language. I live in the Republic of Buryatia. I really love my native language.In high school, we had a lesson in the Buryat language, it was very interesting to me, even though I don't speak, I understand it. It seems to me that Buryats should know their native language, at least a small part. It is necessary to glorify your language so that not only people of Buryat nationality, but also other nationalities read and be proud of a fellow countryman. Do not be shy to speak your own language, it seems to me there is nothing more melodious than Buryat speech.

Hello! Now I want to talk about the Buryat language. All my relatives on my mother's side speak Buryat. Honestly, I rarely speak my native language and less and less began to understand words, meanings, which is very bad, also speaking it, I feel it as a foreign language and feel awkward. Some of my friends tell me that I have a Russian accent. Relatives told me that as a child I spoke Buryat very well and a lot. But after thinking about it, after which I started speaking Russian more often, I realised that after moving to my grandmother, I began to speak only Russian. Since my grandmother talked to us in Russian and my sister didn't understand Buryat. After that, I went to school and gradually stopped speaking it. That's why now they started talking to me more and more often in Russian, because sometimes I don't realise what I'm being told. But I really like the way Buryat sounds and often listen to Buryat songs. As soon as I started speaking Buryat more, I noticed a very fast Buryat speech, I don't like it, because I'm used to the average speed of speaking and I don't have time to understand what they're talking about. I believe that children of our age should know their native language at least at a basic level or understand it. I believe that if the language goes away, culture along with the language will also go away. Have a good evening, everyone.

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1.I think a risky person is a person who is not afraid of risk and danger; a brave man.

2.Chatterbox is a person who speaks a lot.

I am writing to inform you that yesterday I received my new headphones, which were delivered by your delivery service. The package was not damaged, so I signed the document and paid the cost of the headphones. But when I unpacked them, I found one of them not working. I would like you to replace the goods or return my money.

Hello everyone! And now I want to talk about my native language - Buryat. I think this is a really important topic for the present time and the residents of Buryatia. Because fewer and fewer people started speaking it. I've never spoken Buryat normally, but I understood it perfectly. And my brother when he was little spoke only Buryat, later when she went to school he started speaking Russian. Today, he does not understand and does not speak Buryat at all. I believe that it is not necessary for everyone to be able to speak it, but every Buryat should at least understand it. After all, if you forget the language, then the nationality will disappear)

I live in the Republic of Buryatia.There is a very beautiful nature, customs, traditions.Buryats speak the Buryat language - this language is very beautiful.But unfortunately I can't understand it
We have been studying the Buryat language since the first grade, but it seems to me that in order to know the Buryat language perfectly, you need to constantly speak it, not only in lessons.

Hello everyone. It was my pleasure to read your comments. I am sure that the Buryat language is going to live for ever and people will do their best to preserve it.