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Question of the Day #028: What countries have you visited? Which one(s) did you like the best? Explain why you liked it.

    • I am not an experienced traveler and I have visited only Mongolia and the USA. I liked both Mongolia and the USA because of their beautiful nature. In Mongolia, I was at Lake Khubsugul that reminded me of our Lake Baikal. There are loads of birds around Khubsugul and Mongolians run a state nature reserve there. I have never seen such a big number of swans, ducks, and cranes like there. In the USA I enjoyed The Pacific Ocean, its coastal flora and fauna. I will never forget my trip from LA to San Francisco via Big Sur. The weather was great and the views were spectacular.    

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      • I'm not an experienced traveler too. I have visited only two foreign countries. They are the South Korea and Vietnam. I was in Korea last year in spring, a nature was still sleeping at that time, so, I haven't seen the full beauty of nature in Korea!

        And two years ago I was in Vietnam. The weather in Vietnam was really hot. I have been to Nha Trang - resort city. Unfortunately, water in the South China sea was polluted because the rivers in Vietnam are full of garbage. There is also an island that name is "Vinpearl". 

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        • I visited the USA a long time ago, but only for seven days which didn´t give me much chance to know anything.  I was very young but still it was a great experience to be in a foreign country where everyone was speaking a different language.  I wish I had made more of this opportunity, but I was too young back then and too overwhelmed by the experience. I would like to have a chance to go back there some day.  But I´m not much of a traveler.  It takes me thousands of second thoughts to overcome so I can go somewhere.  I like the idea of traveling very much but I´m not very good at making things happen.  

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          • Hi Mauricio! We can travel around the world here. We can make Keenston a starting point for traveling to different countries! 




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          • Hi Yuri
            Yes, why not! We allready do visit each other's country - in person or over the internet, and that is really nice.
            Have you been in contact with other skype-sessioners on facebook maybe?
            I wonder how everyone gets along theese days...
            Do I see you tomorrow on skyp?
            That would be my pleasure!

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