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Are you for or against using smartphones at school? 

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1.No, I do not know such people

2. No, I have not been to such places, but I would really like to see the artists perform at the opera.

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Being rich and famous is awesome and it makes life better. 

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Thank you, Arina

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My favorite book is called the maze runner by james deshner, this book is like fantasy, thriller, adventure
This is about teenagers who had their memory erased and they ended up in a big labyrinth, from where they are looking for a way out, the main characters are Thomas, Teresa and the rest of their group. The entrance to the labyrinth is open during the day, and at night the large gates are closed. Those who stay behind the walls at night will not be lucky, because terrible creatures called grievers roam in them, they make terrible sounds. Among teenagers there are runners, the most enduring ones, who explore the maze and look for a way out.
Having solved the mystery of the labyrinth, the gladers (as they call themselves) go outside,
to the outside world. It turns out that a virus called an outbreak has affected all of humanity, and they, who have immunity, are the only ones left alive. They always stick together, fight against the organization of VIEW, schizos (people infected with a virus), cruel environmental conditions, they are subjected to experiments, teenagers end up in a city in which there are uninfected people, where they meet many more dangers. But who is right in the end? How will this long adventure for 3 books end? And you better find out for yourself)
I love this book, one of its characters - Newt, taught me a lot, I adopted some of his character traits for myself)
I recommend this book to all my friends, you can start by watching the movies, they are also very wonderful! I watched them in English, maybe someday I will read the books in the original

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the day after my eighth birthday, my father sent me to the volleyball section

the day after my eighth birthday my father took me to volleyball

the day after my eighth birthday my father bought me a volleyball

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1. i think among my acquaintances there is one interesting person who loves literature, her name is Christina, i like to discuss art with her
our conversations are very exciting!
2. I was at the opera in the 3rd grade, i don't remember anything :(

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1. throughout my life I have had many people I would like to look up to and each of them taught me a lesson
I think it would be unfair to say only one person but write about everything for a very long time(
2. we organize everything together
3. I look down on my past self, judge the person I once was because of the things I did
4. the last time I saw a classmate home because she was scared to walk alone in the dark
5. i can’t trust anyone completely, because sooner or later we will stop communicating
some people are difficult to analyze and i cant seeing throught their

1. I think its true 
a book is like a person, it changes us, teaches something, gives its knowledge and thanks to books we become better
its like a mentor for life
2. Books can be stored for years and read at different ages, our perception of a book will always be different
Its also great to readand enjoy the nostalgia
3. paper books have their own peculiarity, somehow they attract me, they set a special vibe
and readinп downloaded books from the internet spoils your eyesight
4. in no case! books always have something to learn we are inspired by books, it broadens our horizons, increases vocabulary
one pros!ё

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1. It all depends on the person himself on his honor and conscience, sometimes this happens because people don't think about the consequences
2. I think this is a true statement
3. certainly! otherwise how to survive in this world if you don’t trust anyone, we all always need support